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Is There a Recall on Your Toyota?

There are many reasons why vehicle manufacturers issue recalls each year. When you are notified of a recall for your currently owned vehicle it is important that you handle this matter quickly. This will protect you while you are on the road, but this also protects other drivers that are sharing the road with you. At our dealership we are ready to handle any recall that comes our way for your Toyota.


2019 Toyota Sienna Model Research

Arriving close to the end of the minivan nameplate third production cycle, the 2019 Toyota Sienna gets the addition of an all-wheel-drive system option, which is still exceedingly rare in this class, on the SE to join three other trims. In addition, Amazon Alexa connectivity and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration are now standard on all trims.


2019 Toyota Highlander Model Review

When Toyota originally released the Highlander in 2000, it was a stylish model that had widespread appeal. As Toyota continued to improve the Highlander over the years, it gained additional recognition. In fact, the Highlander is now in its third generation, and it is well-known for its undeniable appeal and exceptional performance. As you compare the 2019 Highlander to the previous model year, you will notice that Toyota has incorporated a few minor design changes and feature upgrades in the latest model.