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2019 Toyota Prius Model Review

The 2019 Toyota Prius has plenty of changes that should keep car buyers interested. There are a variety of trim levels, which complement minor changes in the overall front and back designs. In fact, standard features such as infotainment system makes it easier for consumer to select a trim level according to their requirements. For the first time, Toyota Prius got an all-wheel drive model, which is definitely a big leap from all the previous front-wheel drive vehicles. The automatic on-demand system is also eye-catching as it utilizes an independent rear motor that can power the rear wheels up to 43 mph giving the car a solid burst of power. With this new AWD-e system, Prius can achieve a fuel economy of 50 mpg, which makes it the most fuel efficient car in the United States.


2019 Toyota Sequoia Model Review

Toyota newest iteration of their long running full-sized SUV, the 2019 Toyota Sequoia, remains largely unchanged from the 2018 model. While not radically different from its predecessor, the new model does sport several refinements, comforts, and a few new safety features. Externally, the 2019 Sequoia boasts a new and improved grille and lamp design, as well as a number of new paint options. Specific models will come standard with Toyota's redesigned fog lamps and daytime running lights.


2019 Toyota Tacoma Model Review

The Toyota Tacoma has been a top pick among truck buyers in the market for a midsize truck for many years. Originally introduced in 1995 as a compact truck, it was enlarged to be classified as a midsize model in 2005. The 2019 Toyota Tacoma is included in the model's third generation, and it offers many updates to the safety features, performance capabilities and trim-specific features.